Discover what is hiding in body care products for babies

Every day, babies are exposed to an average of 60 chemicals in body care products*!

As parents, we care deeply about the health and well-being of our children. You are likely always on the lookout for the best products for your baby. You want them to be effective, reliable, safe and most of all, specially formulated for your little one’s sensitive skin.

*Source: EWG. A non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C., the Environmental Working Group empowers people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment.

What parents are looking for in a baby lotion

ATTITUDE conducted a Canada-wide survey of young parents, pharmacists and cosmetic specialists. The survey revealed that when buying baby lotions and body care products, parents are looking for:

  • 1

    Fragrance and perfume free products

  • 2

    Products that do not irritate the skin

  • 3

    Baby products recommended by dermatologists

  • 4

    Moisturizing products that are not greasy

Did you know that more than 98% of parents said they don’t check the ingredients on body care products for babies?

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Do you check the ingredients on body care products for babies before buying?


In your opinion, is it possible for there to be toxic substances in body care products for babies?

"There are up to 57% of ingredients of concern in the most popular baby lotions."

In most body care products for babies, you will find: components contaminated with cancer-causing substances, several allergens and irritants and synthetic or animal-derived ingredients still legally tolerated by authorities.

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Do you know what’s in your baby’s lotion?

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