About Us

Our Story

We’ve all heard people say that their best ideas are often given life under soap bubbles and alongside loofah scrubbers. That's where our journey begins, too – in the shower. But instead of just being inspired by a riveting rendition of "Rubber Ducky" and warm water, we created a company by literally contemplating what happens when we innocently want to wash away the day.

You see, when you take a shower, are you washing away or washing into?

Is a shower a way to clean yourself…or to bring toxins into your body?

Our story is one that began even before we became parents, before we were thinking about delicate skin, tiny feet, and the need to protect the little beings that changed our lives. Before parenthood, we were living life as just, well, us. One day, we came across the cancer.org website which stated that only about 10% of cancers are genetically inherited. The remaining 90% or more all has to do with choices and the kinds of lifestyles we live. If we think about the fact that we use, on average, six to twelve products everyday, and that each product contains dozens of ingredients, that’s a lot of reasons to avoid legally tolerated cancer-­‐causing chemicals that can still be found in what we bring into our homes today.

Right then, we started thinking about what was in the bath products we were using and what kind of contaminants were making their way into our bodies through our skin. That shower suddenly didn’t look so appealing anymore.

However, instead of feeling defeated by these findings and a sense of despair for the future, we took this reaction and turned it into action (and into products!). We created ATTITUDE to put our values into our bathrooms, and into our lives, in the form of products that give you peace of mind. We are now happy to share those products with you in more than thirty countries.

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Our Philosophy

We are a group of parents with a single-­‐minded focus on wellbeing. We develop products not based on the size of the market but instead according to our own needs and those of our families and friends. We are not tied to financial backers, thus keeping control of our creativity, independence, and freedom to dream up our own vision of what it means to live a positive life. Our goal is to live consciously, and to stay in touch with what really matters.

Today, with our added responsibility of protecting our families and our children, we value our vision for a cleaner and happier future even more than ever before.

It is this very notion of family and unity that inspired our logo. We chose the Inukshuk to represent what we stand for as it is a symbol of our interdependence and concern for one another. In a world where personal consumption runs high, and yet unhappiness looms large, we dream of hope, joyfulness, and achieving a higher consciousness in our daily choices. Through balance and remaining true to what we hold dear, we offer our best to our families…and yours.

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Our Values

The Inukhsuk (pronounced ih-­‐nook-­‐suuk) is a stone monument built by the people of the North. Traditionally, it was used by the Inuit as a marker of safety and survival, pointing travelers on the right path. An Inukshuk is the result of the efforts of those who are traveling through a treacherous landscape and want to mark the way for those who will one day encounter the same difficulties.

Enduring extreme weather, the Inukshuk appears in the shape of a person signifying hope and friendship. Each individual rock must coexist with the others and is thus built by the principles of balance, patience, and trust.

The Inukshuk inspires us at ATTITUDE in that it mirrors our spirit of friendship and community.

The Inukshuk is a symbol of humanity, of our ability to succeed with others where we would fail alone. It reminds us of our need to belong to something greater than ourselves, our commitment to working together, and towards common goals. The time we invest in making a difference today creates a world of better tomorrows.

At ATTITUDE, we aim to give people a way to tap into their innate wellbeing and while creating products free of worrisome chemicals, we tap into ours. We do what we do not by any ties to financial backers or co-­‐operations, nor for any accolades. We do it for our families, for peace of mind, and out of concern for one another. We have a goal for a healthy world and live each day to see it realized, by building one stone at a time. Our direction — our Inukshuk — points the way towards better living, towards living consciously.

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